Upcoming Classes

Starting Tuesday March 20th, 2018

at: City Church Refuge

103 S. Maple Avenue,

Miflord, DE 19966

Tuesdays for 8 weeks (skipping  4/24 & 5/8)

Cost: Free if you purchase the book for the class


$20.00 to cover the cost of the book, if you would like D.B.I. to purchase it for you. 

The book name is: "Christian Beliefs" by Wayne A. Grudem

Previous students who completed Basic Doctrines Part 1 will not need to purchase a new book

Basic Doctrines Part 2: 

Which include the following topics:​​

What is death? What is resurrection? What is election? what is justification and adoption? what is sanctification and perseverance? What does it mean to become a christian? What is the church? What will happen when Christ returns? What is final judgement? What is heaven?

The Holy Spirit
The Gospel of Mark
End Times: Four Views of the Millennium and Beyond
Pointing Us To the Messiah
Bible Study Methods

Bible Study Methods
Genesis 1-11

God and the Trinity
Philippians: Encouragement for Gospel-Shaped Living

Teaching Methods
Proverbs: Learning the Wisdom of God

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